Street & Event Photography

I've been interested in photography for many years and have tried several genres, but street photography and event photography are the ones that stuck and I enjoy the most.

DIY Projects

Woodwork, renovations & construction

Let's just say I'm a keen DIYer but am by no means an expert. I've undertaken big and small projects and you can read about them all here, mistakes and all.


My thoughts on stuff

Over the years, I've bought lots of stuff. I'll let you know what I think of it. These will be based on long term usage, not things that I've only just opened the packaging.


Things I think are important

There are few things that I'm passionate enough to write blog posts on, so this will definitely be a quality over quantity section.

Latest Blogs...

29th May 2018

Venice Street Photography

In April this year, we had a family holiday to Venice to celebrate my wife’s birthday. It was a family holiday so street photography wasn’t going […]
13th September 2016
Reservoir Photogs

Photo Walking Again

Last Saturday I joined a big group of fellow photogs for the Fujiholics Liverpool Photo Walk. A free event that’s designed to be a social event […]
10th July 2016
Wimbledon Guests

Tips For Shooting Events

As well as street photography, I shoot a range of events. A lot of the time the opportunities for this come through the place I work […]